Monday, December 22, 2008

The Tea Rose Bedroom....

Hello and welcome to my Tea Rose Bedroom! This room actually serves a dual is my step-daughter Danielle's room when she is home and it also serves as our guest room. Danielle recently turned thirteen years old and it was time for the "Hello Kitty" theme to go. Yes, we just adored that pretty little kitty...the walls were bright orange and pink and I had even painted a "Hello Kitty" mural on one of the walls! Yes, I was a bittersweet's never easy when our children begin to grow up, however the time had come for a change and I was on a redecorating mission!

My Design Journal: The makings of a "Tea Rose" Bedroom

Often times I've been asked, "how do you plan or design a room"? When I began thinking about this bedroom redo, my first step was to establish the room's purpose. I wanted to give Danielle a pretty, feminine bedroom and at the same time, I wanted our guests when they were visiting, to feel as though they were staying in a beautiful Bed & Breakfast! The perfect solution: A Tea Rose Bedroom!!!

Okay, I need to back-up just a bit (hehe!). I must admit that doing a Tea Rose bedroom didn't just "pop" into my mind. To begin the redo...I needed a point of inspiration! Since this is a bedroom and the bed is the main focus...that is where I started! I began shopping for bedding...I shopped and shopped and shopped some more. Oh my, such tiring work...wink! I knew from previous experience that when I seen the perfect piece...I would know! I never "just settle"...when doing something of this nature, it has to really speak to my heart! That is when I found this beautiful bedding called "Tea Rose"! should have seen me do the happy dance! I just knew that this Tea Rose bedding would be perfect and I had found the inspiration and focus point for this decorating project!!! I also purchased the pretty scrolled iron bed...after all, that bedding needed the appropriate pretty frame! For those of you who share in the passion of interior know that what I'm about to say is soooo true...first it was the bedding, then the bed frame...and then that led to the pretty "crown like" corona. This decorating process definitely has a "domino" effect...hehe!

I used a pretty "garden green" paint for the walls. This room was really beginning to take on a life of its own...tea roses, garden green, creamy whites, pinks & pale buttery yellows, it was soft and sweet, and romantic! Remember the movie, "The Horse Whisperer"? Well...if you listen real close...your room will begin to whisper to your heart...exactly what it needs!!! Decorating doesn't have to be a difficult or confusing process...just listen to your heart/room! Over time a certain style seemed to emerge in this Tea Rose I like to call "Garden Chic"!

A close-up view of the Tea Rose bedding. I recently added a pale yellow matelasse coverlet and a few more decorative pillows! I like the mix of fabrics and patterns...I'm not one for that "matchy...matchy" feel! Mixing fabrics and patterns is really easily done...just keep things in the same color hue and be careful to not let one pattern over-ride the other...they should "build upon one another"....compliment one another! I also brought in a breakfast tray...just for a little Bed & Breakfast ambiance!

My Precious Little Tea Cup Lamp

Isn't this just the prettiest little tea cup lamp that you've ever saw? I like to call it my "friendship lamp"....because it was a gift given to me by a very dear, sweet friend! My friend Gloria makes these little tea cup lamps! She is such a talented lady and she's just as sweet and precious as the lamps that she makes! Thank you so very much, Gloria!!! Every time I see this pretty little lamp, I think of you my friend!!!

See this little desk? It had it's beginnings as a plain and simple desk in a wood finish. I recently painted it a creamy white (eggshell)...added rose garland embellishments to the two bottom drawers and added vintage glass knobs. I was really pleased with the end result! The desk chair is one of my "treasure finds" ($25). I just couldn't pass this little antique beauty has the prettiest little scroll designs on the top of the inside back of the chair...the cushion is an old faded, olive green toile. The rocking chair is another "treasure find"...bought at a yard sale for $5. I just recovered it with a beige and olive toile fabric that I got on sale for $1.50/yd...I have a total of $8 in this little rocker! And....if you look real close, you'll see that I added a little crystal candlelier above the desk (thank you, Laura for sharing this beauty with me)!

Here is a close-up of the bed corona....I draped a long swag curtain over and around it. Why just look at those precious little cherubs....they are hand-painted from Italy. When I seen them...they whispered to me...I had to have them!!! I found this pretty grapevine wreath...made with soft pink magnolias...little pale green berries and crystal beads! I really like how this adds interest above the bed!

My little Italian cherubs! Just look at the hand-painted details! They sweetly play music as they watch over your dreams!

We have an old piano in this bedroom. Oh my, it's a bit out of tune, however the little garden cherub doesn't seem to mind! I had been looking for one of these masonary cherubs...they were all a bit too expensive for my "redo" budget...and then on one of my "antiquing trips" I found him ($15). He was green but I used a white wash over the top to tone down the green. On the end of the piano is an old ironstone pitcher filled with...yes, you guessed it...tea roses!!!

Ahhhh...tis the sweet scent of a tea rose! Yes, the garden cherub has a tiny little tea rose in the palm of his hand...he's really enjoying the scent of it!

Well my friends, I do hope that you enjoyed my Tea Rose bedroom! I think that this room is least for the time being...wink! Thank you so much for visiting!!!
Warmest wishes...Chari


  1. Hi! I'm Elizabeth at Grand Occasions. I'm brand new to the blogging world. What a darling room. You can't go wrong with a pink and green combination. I love the teacup lamp and pictures of the children. Did you make the lamp? Please stop by and visit me sometime. I'll be visiting you again. Can't wait to see more of your posts.

  2. Hi Chari,
    Thank-you for visiting my blog and the nice comments you left. I am in awe of this bedroom,what a wonderful job! I really love the rocker and would love to do something like that. (love toile) Best Wishes, Cindy

  3. I love---------that last pic.What you've done with it.wowow.I am so ashamed,I noticed this the other day.But I swear my memory has taken a vacation.This room is what fantasys are made of.I can't wait till you get your new room done.Juovest don't overdo AND get dh to do the painting.PLEASE-------Ann

  4. Hey Chari! I do remember you! Your blog is gorgeous! I love pink and green! I'd have it all over my home if my husband and two boys wouldn't go nuts! My house is pretty feminine as it is! your room is gorgeous and precious and perfect! It's just missing my tassel! You're right it would be perfect! If you want to make one I got everything at Hobby Lobby, my favorite place to shop! The bunny is part of their easter items. You've got to make one and post it for us all to see! Thank you for coming by my blog! I'm really looking forward to this communication with everyone! God Bless you today! lauralu

  5. I love this room, in fact this is in my favorite files, that I got from RMS. It is so nice to meet you and have a name attached to the beautiful room you have posted. Very inspirational room!

  6. Love your bedroom makeover,a nice romantic feel too it .I realy love your rocking chair i have been after one like yours for ages i will have to keep looking for one. Have a great weekend best wishes Pat.

  7. This is such a beautiful room...your step-daughter must feel so special everytime she is in it...thanks for sharing it.


  8. Chari thanks for the grand tour of the Tea Rose Room. I looovvve the bedding and all the furniture...aaahhh the rocking chair and those cherubs are adorable. I shop like you. I know it when I see it. The room is fabulous

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog! I am sure she is going to love the room. Amanda x

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  11. What a beautiful bedroom! Danielle is a very lucky girl, what a great place to come home to!

    Have a great day,

  12. Love the new bedroom, I thoght you'd used magazine pictures as it looks so yummy. Must be great to sleep in that glorious bed.

  13. Chari~this is an absolutely beautiful room. I just want to come and sit in it. you did a great job. May I ask the paint color~love it!


  15. Chari,
    This is the first visit to your lovely Tea Rose Bedroom. It is dreamy, such soft colors and love those pillows. I want to run and jump right in the middle of them! Thank you for sharing this gem...Cathy

  16. Very lovely room, have a great day 's spring, greeting from Belgium.

  17. Hello Chari
    I adore The Tea Rose room it is simply scrumptious.I could loose a lot of time in a gorgeous room like this one ,a great place for quiet reflections and a comfortable place to journal and study God's word .Everything is so lovely and cozy while elegant.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog
    and leaving a nice comment for me.
    Im still so new to all of this I just get such a thrill when I have a visitor.I am not sure yet what my blog is to be .For the moment I hope it shines a ray of sunshine upon everyone and leaves them with a warm fuzzy feeling inside out.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  18. Chari
    I enjoyed reading about your Tea Rose bedroom. I wrote about my Royal Rose guest bedroom in two different posts:

    Enjoy your week!

  19. Dear Charrie,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my Show and Tell "blues" dishes. On the back of the plates it states, JG Classic, d & G. Meakin, Blue Nordic Hand engraving english ironstone.

    I absolutely love your Tea Rose bedroom. It is gorgeous.
    May you enjoy it.
    -Mrs. Teapot

  20. This room looks very romantic ! i love decorating too, except my colors are exactly the opposite to yours, lol ! I love bright strong colors and my whole house looks orange, red and yellow ! Imagine your room in my house or my room in yours, lol !
    I also love Hello Kitty have some of them in my cat collection and even a night gown with Hello Kitties, see there is no age for it !

  21. Divine, simply said. TY for sharing this breathtaking room. TTFN ~ Marydon

  22. I love all the colors, textures, and patterns on your bed. So beautiful!

  23. I can't wait to buy white furniture for my baby girls room! She's gonna have so much fluff and girly things!! Awesome bedroom!!

  24. Very pretty great desing! love this room! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog Blessings Heather ;-)

  25. Gorgeous! Breathtaking. Every female's dream. Will you please decorate my daughter's room for me?

  26. My my my, your are a pretty and unique designer!

    got here from Lori's page..

  27. The tea rose bedroom is absolutely gorgeous!! Anyone would feel like a princess in that room!

  28. Your Tea Rose B&B is so charming and sweet! The vintage angels and little lamp are so cute. I recently saw in a magazine how a chandelier could be made using tea cups and a tea pot. Wonder if the designer was you friend Gloria? I'll definitely get the magazine out and let you know. Maybe I'll tackle that project one of these days. Your french dining area is gorgeous also.